• make your
    small business
    look bigger.

  • are the big boys
    kicking sand
    in your

  • be the famous
    purple cow.

welcome to zip code media

THANK GOODNESS YOU FINALLY FOUND US.  We've heard that you offer a sensational service, but in providing that service, you don't have time to market your business.  

You might even be the best-kept secret in your area or even in your industry.  The opportunity loss is massive and by not fixing this, you will be just another business who rides the roller-coaster of feast and famine.  It's that old feeling of having plenty of work, which stops you from looking for work, to then experiencing a sickening panic to find work because you have none.

When it comes to marketing your brand, our best advice is to "dig the well before you need the water".  Now is the best time to promote your business and that is if you are busy or not.  We'll show you how or we can do it for you. Either way, you receive massive value at a price you can afford and will be happy to invest in growing your brand and reputation.

Let us be your marketing department so that you never have that sick feeling again.


Learn the rules, before you break the rules

Small business people are usually a creative bunch with big ideas and a large serving of self belief. Before you convince yourself that you are some advertising genius and flush your hard earned money on a tour of the city, speak with us.

How well does your business stand out from the crowd?

You have a great business and you are in a competitive market but are you just another black and white cow in a field of black and white cows?  Let us work with you so that you become the famous "purple cow in a field of Holsteins".  

You need support, not talk, to put your ideas into action

The best business results come from those who "build remarkable" into their product or service.  We will coach you to have a remarkable brand and products that will be easy to market.

Let's work on monetising your business to give stability to your idea

Enjoy the smell of freshly printed cash?  Don't worry if you do, it's not a sin in business, it's essential.  We'll help bring your cash flow forward reducing the product establishment time and the pain.