Social Media - Do I really need this?

Yep, you sure do.  Life is changing and so is marketing.  It's not about being able to buy the biggest newspaper ad, it's about developing the largest online footprint and social media is inexpensive and efficient at this while at the same time it touches your database often and in a social way.  This is simple to do, but difficult to be consistent with which can be a nuisance.  We show you how to make it easy or we can do it for you.


Digital point of sale displays - Traditionally any marketing campaign that includes a business's brand projected on a screen, eg television and cinema ads, has brought with it an element of prestige for the brand and a huge fee to participate.  These look so cool and are so versatile.  They look expensive and top end, but we can make it fit a small business budget.

Website - This piece of complicated cyber junk is still very relevant in today's market.  But not all websites are the same and each needs to be an extension of your marketing plan and business image.  If you ask us, the days of big expensive sites are largely gone, especially for small business.  You need a message and a presence, but not the bells and whistles that we have seen in the past.

Copywriting is a main of high recommendation that should be consumed regularly and replenished once digested. We will keep your website copy fresh, interesting and current. 


Digital correspondence - If you have room for more we suggest that sir and ma'am might try the e-newsletter. Sure these things clog up everyone's inbox but show me another way to send your customers to your website with one click.  These are like the digital fridge magnet, we mightn't even open them for months but when the need is there we know where to look.

Digital Directories are abundant on the internet, and most are free.  It's just a matter of utilising the right ones for you.  We can help you find them, we'll even claim them and import the data for you if you want.


S.E.O.  You'll notice that we haven't harped on about search engine optimisation strategies.  We think the way that SEO is put to the market resembles a tip.  If you can afford it, do it.  It's the icing on the cake and like all sweet things it should be consumed wisely.  This means to say no, to a slick sales dude that says pay me $1200 a month and I'll look after that for you, by the way, can you help me log on, my machine is a different brand.  We can show you other ways.

Web hosting is also on the desert menu, really more for us than you, but it keeps us keen to give you "remarkable" service in every aspect of our dealings.


Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising?  

Well if you don't, here is our simple explanation.  You market a brand and you advertise a product.  That's pretty simple and that's our approach to marketing, no smoke, no mirrors, just a practical and affordable system to introduce you and your brand to the buying public.

Why should I market my business consistently?

Did you know, the better you become at marketing the less you need to invest in sales and advertising.  This is because "people buy from those who they know, like, and trust".  This is a fundamental of business and the fundamentals remain the same.  Marketing will introduce you or your brand to your market, so they will know you.  Good marketing will promote the warmth of you or your brand to the market so that they like you.  When you or your brand has been consistently viewed for an ongoing period, the longer the better, they will trust you.

Should I still advertise?

That really depends on whether you have fulfilled the fundamentals of marketing.  If you have marketed properly you will see a huge return on your advertising dollar if you have been desperate or impatient you will probably flush your dollars down the toilet.


We specialise in small business marketing.  We know that small business is looking for high brand exposure at a reasonable investment. We will bring a BIG brand feel at a small business price.  So when's our next date?